You guys do NOT understand my love of lipstick.  This is PART of my lipstick collection.  These are the ones that I wear most often.  I didn’t even take out my lipglosses, sheers, lip pencils/stains, or lipliners. Well, no, that one in the upper left corner is a sheer.  Guys.  If I don’t even put on foundation or mascara, I DO PUT ON lip color.  Regardless of gender, lipstick is a beautiful thing to me.

1 year ago on 02/20/13 at 02:35am
  1. sapphirechan said: Oh yeah! You need to try the new MK True Dimensions lipstick, it’s flipping awesome! My new lipstick addiction… Firecracker red is hawt, I find reasons constantly to wear it
  2. princess-lemon said: everyone should wear lipstick
  3. eggrollkingdom said: i love ppl that wear lipstick and defy gender norms love me back dj <3<3 its almost three am im kind of tired and crazy but idc
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